Relationship Coefficient
MidKnight Mastiffs

The measure, known as the coefficient of relationship (R), calculates the proportion of genes that two individuals have in common as a result of their genetic relationship.

This is a 10 generation 4 deep Coefficient of relationship for Rebel And Ivy (Source: De Vine Farm Pedigree Program)

Erieside Ivanna A New Hope          50%
Armor Trails With A Rebel Yell        50%
Erieside Evening Grace           30.415%
Warlords Sierra              29.6875%
Warlords My Giva Darn Busted       29.6874%
Nacimiento Walking the Line          29.0039%
Eriesides Wookie Chebacca           22.9736%
Erieside Ah-mazing Grace              22.9736%
Celtics Vengance                   20.0195%
Palones Here Lukin Attcha             19.4335%
Mistress Wren of Silveradoch          19.3359%
Pallones Naciamento Danny girl      18.0664%
Pallone Sweet and Sassy Hazel     17.4316%
Warlords Under Cover Angle           17.2851%
Pallone Crowning Glory          16.9677%
Greco’s Titan I Did It My Way         16.8701%
Warlords Commander And Chief             16.2109%
Palones Glorius Chloe           14.7460%
Pallone Against All Odds               14.5751%
Warlords Agent Oh Oh Seven         14.1601%
Celtics Starstruck Sabrina             13.5253%
Arciniega’s Sweet Willie         13.3422%
Warlords Fire and Ice             13.1469%
Lionsire Ironhil Warleggen              13.0493%
Iron Hills Storm’in Norman              12.9638%
Iron Hills Warwagon               11.9628%
Deer Run Ezekiel                   11.5600%
Arciniega’s Sweet Fatima               11.3769%
Pallones Bunker Buster          11.2304%
Farleys Eledwhen Steelsheen         11.1816%
Iron Hills War Bonnett             11.1328%
Iron Hills Lionsire Poldark               10.908%
Deer Run Ivan                 10.8886%
Groppetti Wallon                    10.8032%
Smok’N Lad sand river Rio              10.7299%
Pallone Paragon’s Bull Dozer          10.7177%
Deer Run Wycliff                    10.6079%
Greco’s Hollesley Rogue        10.5468%
Arciniega’s Merani Beto          10.5346%
Arciniega’s FWL Cleo Sahba          10.4736%
Arciniega’s Lion OF Bredwardin      10.2172%
Oaklane This Bud’s For Us             9.9609%
Iron Hills Elbereth                   9.9121%
Iron Hills Phoebus Groppetti           9.8632%
Warlords Secret Agent Man           9.6191%
Griener hall Jedadiah              9.3383%